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In Cloud Surfer's defense - speaking from the perspective as a professional photographer and also as a victim of copyright infringement on numerous occasions in the past (twice we've threatened lawsuit on individuals and both times settled monetary damages between lawyers)...I can quite identify with his reasons for the inclusion of the large copyright notices in the images.

I'm able to see past the copyright graphics...and see a few terrific lightning shots. Sure, the graphics are somewhat distracting - but a minor nuisance if the photographer has been victimized by past infringement.

Copyright infringement is a plague of epidemic proportions online these days. We all have our own ways of attempting to deal with it.

If you've ever discovered a paysite using your images to illegally generate revenue for themselves without permission, you'd know just how galling it really is. I can't fault someone for attempting to protect their copyrights.

Just my .02 cents...

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