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which problems did you encounter with your FZ10 and external flash ?
With an automatic external flash you have to use a fixed aperture on the camera matching the settings on the flash unit. When you switch to either aperture priority or manual the screen darkens and you can't see what is in the viewfinder with indoor room lighting.

It is supposed to be a feature like the preview on a SLR where the screen goes to the aperture you are actually using so you can see your actual depth of focus. It doesn't really do anything on the FZs except make it very difficult to use an external flash. It is hard enough to see focus subtleties with a full bright screen through a low resolution EVF. And it is still dark at f2.8, unlike a SLR that doesn't change brightness with the preview when you are at full aperture.

There is considerable discussion on the board about the problem. Some people go to program to frame the shot and then go back to AP for the shot, hoping nobody has moved or started picking their nose. If you watch a pro taking shots of people at an event, they fire the camera immediately upon raising it. Some people can paint a natural looking smile and keep it, but most people are looking pretty bland or have obvious forced smiles if you fool with the camera for a while before taking the shot. And I just like to pick my moment to take the shot. It is very unpleasant trying to use an external flash on all of the FZs so far.

I would have much prefered 1/1.8" 6MP ISO 800 CCD
I'm curious exactly what sensor you are referring to. They don't make sensors for each camera model. There are just a few sensor manufacturers and a limited group of sizes and Mp available. I'm not familiar with a 1/1.8 sensor with 6Mp currently available to put in a camera. If we are just dreaming I'll take a 12Mp sensor that is 1/2.5 with the noise levels of current DSLRs

If Fuji ever starts selling the 1/1.7 6Mp sensor they are putting in the F10 it would make an exciting FZ. I doubt they could generate the full f2.8 they get with their present 1/2.5 currently in the FZ20 though. But it would be better than the 2/3 sensor's f3.7, and you would have the great ISO abilities to make up for any f-stop loss.

I have no use for a zoom ring
Amazing statement unless you are assuming it is electric. Have you ever used a manual zoom on a long tele lens? I agree with you if it electric though.

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