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iSAPS Guy wrote:
:blah:The Canon ip6000d still produces a wider gamut of colors. The PM and PC ink is still part of the 6 color printing standard. Skin tones are still slightly better on the 6 color. Still, I bought an IP5000 because of the 1 picolitre droplet and 9600x2400 dpi! It's hard to see a lot of difference. Plus, with the BCI-3 black, I get the high yield of text printing and the extra speed from this printer! Go for it!
Why do you reccomend the ip6000d? According to this site the i960 has 3,072 print nozzles where the ip6000d has only 1,536 nozzles. Or to make it more simple the ip6000 has only 256 nozzles/tank where the i960 has 512/tank (unless i'm sadly mistaken).

Do you have any explanation why canon decided to go with an smaller head on a photo printer, and how something 2 years old is faster?

Also why did you describe the ip5000 as a hybrid?
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