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Just recently I bought an HP 8450 photo printer. It came with HP image zone editing software. Now I have been editing all my photos in Photoshop elements 2 for a year now and I have to saturate every photo because the colors are so drab. I even sold my D-70 because of this. The pics look horrible and I did not have the time to fix them all. Then I installed HP Image Zone. I opened some pics in the program and WOW!!!! The colors just jumped out of the screen. What gives? I paid a hundred bucks for PSE2 and this freebee blows it away as far as color reproduction. I checked all the settings on this software and its not doing anything special from what I can tell. So anyway, I open the photo in HP, do a little tweaking and whala. Owesome picture. I save it there in Jpeg. and it looks great in Infranview. I go to PSE2 and open the same photo to put on my signature stamp and Uggggg. There it is, same pic but the beautiful color is gone. This only happens in PSE2. I can save in PSE2 and reopen in HP and colors are still awesome. Infranview also. The colors are only absent in PSE2. Now after all my rambleing my question is: Is there some kind of setting I am overlooking in PSE2, a color profile I need to download or some color space problem. Now I know you are probably thinking " If it prints ok, why worry about it". I like to do all my editing in PSE2. And untill now I have been printing straight out of PSE2 to a Canon i960. And what you see in PSE2 is what you get on the printer. After a lot of proccesing. The photos look so much better straight out of HP with little processing. But the sharpening in HP is no where near as good as PSE2 and I cant put a signature stamp on my photos from HP Imagezone. I do not want to use 2 image editors for my photos cause all that re-saving ruins my pics.

So does anyone have an idea on how to fix my PSE2?
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