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More than a FZ25, I d be very bored to see a FZ40 closer to perfection than FZ30 (eventually 8Mp on a wider CCD) and with ISO-Focus-Metering controls on the cam (not only via the Menus).

Even having moneyand considering how fast technology runs, I really don't think thatit's a good thing to upgrade each year or two a new model is made available.

It could seem funny, but nowthat FZ30 is appearing I am alreaDY thinking about FZ40 which should have all FZ30 has, plus more....

So I think I'll resist and keep from buying it, but as I said in my first post, I'd probably already ordered it If I had had a FZ10 instead of FZ20 (even if these are still very close with each other, much closer than FZ20 and FZ30, at least as far as features).

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