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My question is what software do you use to open the card to save. I am using a flash card reader via usb and not connecting the camera directly so I need some intermediate software to open the card to save it.
Window Explorer! It depends on your OS, but most readers now are plug & play and driver free. ie the USB reader would look just like another removeable drive that you can open and copy the pictures just like any other files...

I use MS Picture it too from time to time to put multiple pictures on a pages. It's a very easy and fast package to use. You can go to the photo lab mode and select all the pictures at once, find a white area (shirt collar, teeth, white wall), do a white balance by just clicking on it and every pictures is color corrected very similar to the DIVU conversion or you can also batch change the color this way. BTW you can open the removeable drives (ie your USB reader/camera) this way too with MS Picture it 8) 8) 8)
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