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I just got myself a Canon S2 IS and its scheduled to arrive on July 26 (cannot wait).
I have been looking around for a nice case/bag for this camera. So far cannot seem to find a nice case/bag.
Would really appreciate it if you guys can recommend me a nice case/bag for my camera.
Things I am looking for:
-may be a hard case caz i DO NOT want to damage my camera, or may be soft if it has enough cushion so that it can prevent any damage to the camera in the event of an accident
-i would like a case so that i can put in all the accessories too (extra battery, charger, SD card) but please do not hesitate to recommend a case just for the camera itself.
-i has to look good too :-)

If this topic has been covered before i do apologize, i did try search but could not find anything.

Thank you, appreciate any inputs
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