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I'm trying to do some research and find an affordable camera for work. I work in an architecture office and we take alot of pictures of interiors, so I have three main criteria I would like this camera to meet. In order of importance:

1) Wide angle lens. Something around 28mm equivelant or lower if possible without using a goofy attachment lens. High zoom is not that important.

2)Compact body. I don't really need the smallest camera around, but I don't want something that is cumbersome to carry around on a job site.

3)Cost: Preferably something $350 or under if possible. I'm willing to spend a bit more if the perfect camera is out there, but that's my target.

Those are the main factors I'm looking for. Of course image quality is always number one priority, but aside from that those are what I need most. 4 megapixel or higher would be preferred also, but not crucial. Any suggestions on what to look into is very much appreciated.

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