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Dear digital camera-owners:

Does anyone own a Kodak EasyShare DX6490 digital camera?


My Olympus C-2040 Zoom was stolen recently, and I need to replace it.


Consumer Reports (which I generally trust but does not cover as many cameras as this site) says the Kodak is "excellent overall, with superb photo quality." It is the only camera they are currently reviewing with such high marks (out of 50 or so cameras across the price spectrum).

My old (March 2001) Olympus took really excellent shots, mainly without my help (i.e. automatically). Seriously. It helped me out of the abyss of being a truly crap happy-snapper to a considerably-less-crap happy-snapper. It held the top slot in CR's ratings for 2MP cameras for 18 months, but it was still lower rated then than the Kodak is now. The proof of Olympus 2040's quality is visible on my silly photo-blog site at:

(you can speed up the slideshow in the top-right corner -- move the mouse there)

If you look at my snaps (watch the slideshow for a minute to get the range of capability) -- and consider that I am a TOTAL amateur -- can you assure me that the Kodak takes as good pictures as the Olympus? I don't care muchabout size or shape of the camera, or about how many megapixels -- I care ONLY about photo quality (i.e. the look, color, realism, lighting, etc. of snaps). I almost never print, instead showing on-screen. Or can you suggest an amateur camera that takes better shots?

If not, I may be forced to buy the old camera again, and I worry that I will miss an opportunity with the Kodak.

I would be grateful for any advice you can provide!

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