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I have a DX6490, and I consider it a good camera in many respects, although it does not suit me.

Like most Kodak cameras, the 6490 is easy to use, and its default settings produce the sort of images most people favor. It also offers excellent manual control of exposure, should you want to try that. It has a good lens, and its high compression probably will not be a matter of concern, if you are mainly interested in displaying pictures on a monitor. I think you would enjoy the extended zoom range.

However, if you ever used manual focus or focus lock on your Olympus, you should be aware that neither is available on the 6490. (You can, however, prefocus with a half-press of the shutter button and hold that focus up to 60 seconds.) If you have never used an Electronic View Finder (EVF), you will find it different from an optical finder. However, if you mainly used your Olympus's LCD for framing and previewing shots, you will probably find the 6490's LCD satisfactory.

You seem to suggest that you don't have much knowledge of photographic techniques, but I don't think that's true. Maybe you don't know the jargon, but you have obviously learned how to produce striking images with the 2040, and that suggests to me a certain level of mastery, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Some of the skills you've learned with the 2040 may not transfer easily to the 6490, particularly if you aren't familiar with the concepts behind them. So you may find you have to start all over again, learning the quirks of the new camera. To some extent, this is always true, though.

As Jim suggested, you will find that the 6490 is more difficult to hand-hold in low light situations, especially if you try to zoom in on a distant subject. So you will have to learn some new guidelines for what you can get away with.

If you want a camera that will, as much as possible, feel like and respond like the 2040, you should probably try to locate a reputable source for another 2040 or one of its successors, the 3040, 4040, or 5050. If you don't mind spending some time building new skills, I don't think you'll find it difficult to adapt to other cameras, and the 6490 might be a good choice.
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