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KnightCrawler wrote:
Is it service mode or test mode for part b ?
Menu-scan-copy-scan gets you into "service mode" as seen in gif 1 Option #1 is SSSW (Service Soft SWitches) is always displayed as the first option.

"test mode" is the last option in "service mode" which I didn't include a .gif for, and test mode is used to print on a disc and wasn't listed in the basic instruction block I included. One can test with CD label print or using the printer mode, whatever you want to write up. People with real trays likely don't need to do an alignment.

I would list it in a part c personaly... because the only way I know how to get out of those menus properly is pressing the power button which causes the printer to reset.

[Test to see if it's working... print a test patern]
c. 1. Menu-scan-copy-scan to get into "service mode"
2. uparrow once to reach "test mode" press ok
3. select option 3 "printer" press ok
4. Put a printable disc in the tray, insert into the printer making sure the arrows align up, select option 3 "cd-r check patern" press OK
5. Once printed press power to exit the service menu and resume normal operation, this will cause the printer to reset.

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