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KnightCrawler wrote:
I've upgraded the mp7xx portion of my site. I hope it helps those that had problems to have a more clear understanding of the process.
I should probally make it clear that .jpg of the disc with the mm marks isn't stock. The only thing included on the offical test disc. The only thing on the test disc are light bluish and pinkish + with a X and a Y for top and left. While you don't have an mp760 i've noted that the test cd print / alignment test for the ip3000 and mp760 look identical. If you desire you could make your own an scan it in.

I put them in to sorta show how one would use a ruler between the + and the outer edge, and use basic math to establish the value one should use for alignmnet correction. This is also a procedure that could use much refinement.. my method is needlessly complex as I had no clue what the values should be hince resorting to grade school math. I imagine this would be a good application for a simple java app or script as all that should be needed are measurements of the Y + to edge and X + to edge, the value it should be, and subtract, rather than (x1-x2)/2.

Or... something printed from photoshop or some such to tray type b that's basicly a ruler where extra stuff gets printed off the disc and all a user need do is read the value beyond 0 on the X and Y side.

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