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bboiweapon wrote
#2. Forget about a Firmware update if its a Bug Like no way to turn off the Vibration Warning or Focus Lock which decides for itself when it locks even if its the same image, Sony will just say thats how the camera was meant to work
Once again : The vibration warning is just that. A warning. It comes on if the shutter speed is longer than about 1 / equivalent 35mm camera focal length. The camera does not measure any vibrations. I am sure that you would complain even more if the camera simply refused to shoot in bad light. The idea is to use the flash when there is not enough light.

As for the packaging : It is nice to see Sony going for the minimum of biodegradable or recyclable packing. In fact many civilised countries now force them to do so.

I hope that you find a perfect camera for your needs from another manufacturer. No doubt you will let us know
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