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Maybe the people are a little leery of an Indian taking shots at them, Bob. LOLOLOL
You'll do it soon and will do a good job. You always do!! TD I think that last one is a keeper. Mind you as I said I like the first one too. It's like the people walking by are a curtain and she is peeking out at you. I myself am trying to improve on my composition and make each shot a better one than the one before. Your almost there. I on the other hand have a ways to go. All of you guys may have to bear with me as composition is always on my mind and I may become over critical at times. It's just that, that is the way I become when learning a new thing. I can become rather obnoxious and don't mean to be. I hope all of you will rein me in if that happens. LOL I truly value the friends I've made here and would not like it if I offend anyone!


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