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Newbes get blurry pictures. Their eyes are adjusted to the indoor light and they feel it should be fine for a picture without using the flash. Rather than half press the shutter and see what shutter speed they are generating they just snap the picture without a flash. That is exacerbated when they are zoomed out because the camera is letting in only about a third the light making for even slower shutter speeds, and when you zoom out you actually need more shutter speed. Newbes, unaware they have a shutter speed problem, also often hold the camera out in front of them using the LCD rather than learn a more steady stance with the eyelevel viewfinder.

Regardless of the camera they would get blurry pictures. An exception to that would be with a mechanically stabilized lens or one with good noise reduction that lets you use a high ISO. All of the small cameras I know of with either of those features lose some of their advantage by not having an eyelevel viewfinder. In the dpreview conclusion of the FX7 test, the reviewer said the stabilization just about made up for the poor holding position caused by lack of an optical finder. I think that is overstated, but it is a factor.

One complaint about the P200 and some other Sony cameras is the flash sync speed. Sony uses 1/40 rather than 1/60 sec like most other companies. That gives better lighting of the background but can cause ghosts caused by movement and the background lighting. The P200 lets you manually select a shutter speed, so that wouldn't be a problem for me. Zoomed out for a flash shot with fairly bright background lighting you would probably want to go a little over the 1/60 anyway.

Professional reviewers like Steve know how to use a camera. If they have complaints they are usually valid. The complaints registered by newbe owners could probably be transferred to any camera they bought. That they bought camera X rather than camera Y is almost immaterial. The Panasonic FX7/8/9 or Fuji F10 might be an exception to that. But they both produce red eye and have no optical viewfinder.

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