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Another data point, I just bought an A510 a couple of hours ago, started playing with the included Canon MMC-16M card with fresh (included) AA batteries, and was able to take pictures very easily. However, switch to playback and I get the dreaded corrupted data or memory card error messages. Nothing suggested here worked. I'm STILL able to take MORE pictures, and every once in a while I'm able to format it and take new pictures. Totally useless. Fortunately the store had a deal (they probably had irate customers complaining and started doing this) where I got a free SanDisk SD 128MB. That card WORKS FINE. Same batteries, environment, pins, pictures, etc. Back and forth, the problem exists only with the Canon MMC-16M card included with the camera. Even movies I can record, but not play back (something about bad image format or something). However, with the SanDisk SD 128MB I can record and playback movies just fine.
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