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Daffymaria wrote:
Slipe thanks a lot for your reply.

I can see where you're coming from. I will just go on and buy the P200. Seems really good to start of with. I am also thinking about buying the "National Geographic photography book" as a refference along with the forums here and some other digital photography magazines. Any ideas on that one?

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I'm no help on current books. I subscribed to magazines and read numerous books back in my old film SLR days. But I'm not up to date on that.

I think the P200 is a good starter camera. If you eventually upgrade to something larger you will still have a good pocket camera to always have with you. And a pocket camera with a viewfinder and some manual controls. After researching for my latest pocket camera I was down to the P200 and Casio Z750. I went with the Casio and haven't regretted the choice, it is an excellent little camera obviously designed by enthusiasts who also happened to be engineers. But it has a lot of red eye like all small cameras except for the P150/P200. I don't mind removing it in Photoshop, but it could be considered a nuisance.

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