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Hi all,

I'm jsut thinking about this at the moment. Do any of you have experience with a remote controlled motorized tripod head? I'd like to set up a tripod close to a bird feeder or some place where birds are animals may bee. I want to be about 30ft away and remotely aim the camera (curretnly a Panasonic FZ20). I have a 40ft long shutter relesse cable for the camera. I will be getting a 40ft composite video cable. And, I have a Gitzo Explorer G2220 tripod.

Because of my vision, I have a device called Jordy that is essentially electronic glasses that can take video input. By connecting the camera's video-out to the Jordy, I will be able to see what the camera sees.

What are the recommended brands and cost for a motorized tripod head?

Any info will be appreciated.

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