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Lanning wrote:
Hey guys.

As for homeowner's insurance covering damage, unless you pay exhorbitant rates, you have a yearly deductible, right? So you get to pay for the $800 repair to the D70, and maybe the insurance company will pick up the tab for the next thing you break, right after they raise your rates.
I have a full coverage policy from my home owners insurance company. Cover damage/loss/stolen/non-working: the whole thing for $24 USD per year. I forget the technical name for it but they give full value and do not calculate depreciation and no deductible. They will replace it with a new camera is it cannot be fixed or if out of production the nearest new model. Mine is for my FZ20. If no FZ20 they they will give a FZ30 New with all my add on lenses and rings, bags, battery, adapters. I listed all I have on this policy.

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