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I've been coming to this site off an on for about 3 years now, when I bought my first digicam, the Canon S40. I used the reviews and forums to make my decision. To the owner and operator, your site is awesome...thanks!

When I bought the S40, I needed it for my first daughter's immenant arrival...since then, I've had a son and watched him grow to a year now, and in the meantime I've managed to partialy break my S40 and convince my wife we needed a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, which I just bought 2 days ago <evil laugh>.

So far, Ive managed to figure out the basics of operation, and truly blew my own socks off with one close up of my son that just took my breath away...simple shot, with only 4 minutes invested in the manual, nothing special really, but the way the off-center compostiion with him in full focus in the foreground and the background, it made him look 3D...its beautiful, even though its just a snapshot...looking at that one shot made me see his face in a new way...really a motivating experience.

Anyway, I've managed to take a few good shots here and there over the years, but this was mostly luck...and its the composition that was good, not the technical shot...focus and filter and light...becuase I know diddley squat about these topics...I have an inkling for what an f-stop is (it's a classic F-Troop episode, right?) but when you start talking about f-stop, appeture, exposure, white balance, Tv, Ae I get rapidly thrown to the bottom of the cave.

The regualrs here obviously know there stuff...can you please post links to online resources to help a newbie learn basic-to-intermediat photography skills? I'll never go to film, so a digital bent is fine, probably preferred.

Thanks for your help...looking forward to being a regular here.
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