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Fit a high quality UV filter on it, unless you think that continually cleaning the lens - which could well affect the coatings! - is a safer bet, which I certainly do NOT! A lens cap will not stop the ingress of 'muck' whilst you are using it, and the use of wet cleaners or canned air, which has been known to damage coatings, isn't as safe an option as some would have you believe. Other than UVs, could impact on the colour balance to a greater extent than is the case with film cameras as sensors are more sensitive to colour temperature changes. Then of course is the main reason for fitting a filter, preventing unintentional scratches and scuffing against material in camera bags etc ... Not using a filter, unless you are in a controlled environment eg a studio all the time, is a no-brainer unless you like buying replacement lenses when a scratch or scuffing occurs, which could be from something as a piece of paper, which freshly cut, can cut your finger, so you can imagine what it will do to a lens coating!
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