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I spent about a minute on this photo. Just adjusted brightness and some USM. I know this is not perfect but just to show some of what is happening. On a DSLR these things are not accomplished by the camera but need to be part of what the photographer (in his/her digital darkroom AKA computer) has to do. This is so the photographer has control of what he/she gets and a DSLR is all about control. To control all the different elements of a photo you must have a good understanding of all these elements. This makes for a very steep leaning curve. By stepping up to a DSLR you are taking more control of your photos but if you don't take some control you will probably get very lackluster photos, as the camera usually will not do much that you don't tell it to do. That you have purchased a DSLR means that you want better photos, that is the most important part, the rest is just work. With some work I am sure you will get better. You may need to read some books (a good idea) or you may want to take some classis (a better idea) but you can get better.

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