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Maybe one of the reviewers will perform a side-by-side, like Steve or Ken Rockwell (like his 20D vs D70 comparo review) will still be up to us to decide, but, like I say, the reviewers will find out flaws that may take us months to find, and by then we have already "wasted" our money...that is why I like to read reviews...

Image clarity may be in the eyes of the beholder, but things like AF, shutter lag, plastic doors that do not stay closed, little things that can make a good camera a bad investment (expense?) are often found by reviewers that we may not learn until it is too late...

While many of the experienced posters always say, rightfully, that the camera must feel good to me, cheap plastic battery doors that will not stay closed will ruin the experience, no matter how good the camera feels to me...that is why I eagerly read reviews...
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