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Glad you all like the shots. Actually, I am very big into series of shots. At the club I often show 4-5 of related subjects to tell a story. Like a cormorant having a fish stolen by a black-backed gull. Or an osprey fishing (the flight, the hover x 2., the dive, the catch and the fly-away.) In that case I did 1 on 13x19 and the rest on 8x10.

Do you guys (and gals) realize how much data is required for a 19x13? 4750 x 3250 (at 250dpi.) The 20D is 3504 x 2336, so that means I need to add over 1000 pixels on each side... and that assumes full frame. Enlarging to that size is much harder than producing a
1750x1250 (@250dpi) = 7x5, which fits very well in a standard 8x10 frame. I can do that fairly easily (except for warblers sized birds, which often don't stay still long enough and don't get very close except in specific situations.)

But the big prints need really sharp images. I've had pictures that I thought were good enough but fell down due to sharpness issues. The subtle-ist motion blur can make or break an image (I've had some where it works well and others that it doesn't.)

The stair enteroplation from FM is very similar to what I use (although it isn't the same.) What I do is very comparable to Genuite Fractials, which does a great job enlarging.

But I think I am too critical for web posting. This is really just for fun, but it's in my nature to only want to share my best. Unless something else makes it special (like getting shots of a Cackeling Goose today, or a blandings turtle) I don't post them unless I think others will really like them. I don't post experimental things, or things that don't catch my eye in some way.

I'm trying to get over it.

I went to a writer's convention some years ago (I used to write some fiction.) A published author was scheduled to read, but after we all sat down she said that she had planned to read from her current book, but wasn't going to because "it didn't deserve to be read." It's a phase thing that you go through where you're frustrated with it in some way (doesn't have to be "qualty based") and you're mad at it. I can get that way with photography some times. I look over my pictures and think that few are really what I was looking for. That that little spark that caught me at the moment isn't there. It doesn't make it a bad shot, but I still don't go any further with it. I think I need to loosen up a bit (not all the way, it helps drive me to higher quality) and accept that there might be some good there even if it isn't what I planned.

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