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aladyforty wrote:
Oh, that was easy. Now that you explained it.

How do you guys photograph the birds? Do you use camouflage? Do you use hideouts or portable covers. Im surprised at how close I get to birds sometimes. It took me eight months to get close enough to the egrets I finally got photos of, I would go down where they are at least once a week and just sit around, never got very close without scaring them off, only this week they finally got bored with me. The honey eaters Ive got to within 5 feet, same with the tiny silver eyes I think the closest Ive got is about 4 feet before they take off. Some of my Photographer friends at my photo club are amazed. They are calling me Bird lady now:-) and want me banned from wildlife competition for having an unfair advantage.
Here's another few tricks that I use. When I first started to do this, approaching a bird, one minute he's standing there, the next flying away....

1. Ok, actually they give off body language as a warning that the photographer can pick up on. This is difficult to explain - but I sense when they are about five seconds short of flying away - I freeze - absolutely still. About half the time this works. The qyiicker I sense that moment, some sort of subtle body language, the better the chance of this working. After a few minutes - I start moving again.

2. Moving the camera into position will cause a bird to fly away. For the entire duration of my approach, I hold the camera in the approximate position I will shoot in.

3. When I've gotten as close as I can, taken as many shots as I can, I send in my assistant, to make a slow approach so that I can get some take off and flight shots.

My assistant knows better than to actually attack the birds, but he will approach slowly, while I am braced...

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