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muggle wrote:
...did you just take your camera into the storeand try cases until you found the smallest that would fit?
Yes; I bought it from Calumet and they're small enough to let me do that without their getting weird about this guy stuffing a camera into a dozen cases. I made a mess with all the unpackingof cardboard, paper and straps, but I did put everything back.

Guess I was a little anal but it worked out well. Like I said, the one I bought wasn't listed to fit my camera, and if I want to carry anything else, even a spare battery, I may have a problem.

I started out with a Pentax Optio S40—the size of a pack of cigarettes—which was barely noticeable when carried in a caseon my belt, and that's what I wanted to accomplish again. But the V3 is much larger in depth and the recommended cases would definitely preclude arm swinging. I carry it sideways with the lens outward and the grip on top, sort of a quick-draw style.

Looking at the H1, the dimensions seem fairly symmetrical but I'd carry it with the large LCD protected byfacing inward and let the lens-cap protect the lens.

Let me know how it turns out.
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