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Nice shots, I see what you mean about noise in the panorama of the drummers. I looked at the Sony F-828 before I bought my S7000, I made my decision based on a British camera magazine's statement that the Fuji beat all the 8MP cameras for noise at 400 ISO, and the 3MP 800 ISO is quite usable in some applications (small prints).

I too am waiting for the S9000, I don't want to go back to an SLR, I am tired of carrying around all of the equipment. I would recommend a DSLR to many photographers, but for me the freedom of an all-in-one zoom model is a big plus.


EDIT: Btw the Panasonic FZ30 looks good but does not offer a wide enough angle of view (35mm), it requires a proprietary battery, and, for me, it uses the wrong memory card (I have lots of CF cards). The Panasonic may be the best model forwildlife photography with its longer lens and image stabilization.

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