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$799.99 price drop 699.99 in store$699.95$799.95

Steve excellent find on the camera?

It is not only on ebay , but on the sites I linkied as well, Sanyo themselves do not show full information, but have a coming soon. I have read this topic before, just that If I am going to spend $800.00

I would go with JVC, or SONY over Sanyo, and get a true camcorder with well over 60x total zoom.

And have your moments on something a little more secure than a sd card.

While there are simular models out there. Like the Miniket with 10x optical zoom and at $599.00 or less

It is still a great competitor to all the high end models. it is the consumers choice ofwhat brands they like.

Again a great review and choice in the digital world of camera and photograghy
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