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thanks Vlad for all that info

I know very little about the flashes for olympus...I had been using a generic vivitar (low voltage) and running my camera in's kind of a pain. I recently got the fl-20 on ebay new...and haven't really used it yet as the internal flash has been fine and I have to carry that bracket and cable...Olympus tell a hUGE lie on their site. I called them about about it...I don'ty know if they changed it yet. It says, you can use their bracket if you don't have a hot shoe. The real comment should be that you MUST use their bracket....that bracket costed me about $70!!!! THere is no plug on the flash for for their flash cable. Unlike my vivitar, you have to plug Olympus' expensive cable in the bracket that holds the flash. What a scam!

I know little about external flashes. You are telling me that the other two have assist lamps built in...I didn't know that an external flash has an auto assist lamp. Hell, that would be something for all those people who complained that their c-5000 (which has a hot shoe) was terrible in low light. Of course you would spend as much or more for the light as the cost of a c-5000 which can be had for about $189

Does the olympus TTL hook up with the flashin any way aide in a cameras abilty to focus in quicker lower lightlight without the assist lamp? i am assuming it just allows me to use faster shutter speeds/higher f stops.

I was unaware that the 7070 is THAT much faster in it's write time. And that 140 mm does make a difference, I suppose,BUT I have to keep reminding myslef that even without a conversion lens I will have a lot more room to crop with a 7mp pic at 110mm then my current 105mm and 3mp....I'd get about 150 with my 1.4 olympus add on.

As far as the write speeds, I would assume (forgive that word) that either camera's write speed would be noticeably faster in the least compressed JPG than my 3040 using smart media seems like 2-3 secs between shots.

I suppose I could sell me fl-20 and bracket and cable on ebay...if I wanted too

the 7070 is looking better everyday.....but I do love that electronic viewfinder on the c-8080. (so many of them are horribly annoying to look thru)

thanks again

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