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Hi JFW! Was your reply "useful?" Are u kidding? It was very, very helpful.Youanswered my question and then some and convinced me that a wide angle is justwhat I need.It would complement my FZ5 perfectly and then I'd have the best of both photo worlds - UZ and wide angle.

Now, since "confession is good for the soul," I confess that I sold my Oly C-7070 on eBay. I loved the camera but I found it a little too bulky to carry around. The FZ5 is much more compact itself, and now I need to replace the 7070 with a compact wide angle. Of course, there are not too many to choose from, especially w/ a viewfinder. I guess the Fuji E900 is not really a true wide angle, but if image quality and battery life are better than the S80, I could live with its 32.5mm lens.

And thanks for the wide angle link. I'll check it out.

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