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Hi all,

Finally, this weekend, I got a chance to test my remote bird watching setup. As I promised, I'm posting the results.


Panasonic FZ20 & AV out cable
A tripd

Bescor MP-101 Motorized Pan Head

Bascor 50' remote extension cable
Phayee 40' shutter release cable
50' composite vide cable

I couldn't find a 50 composite vide cable so I got a 50 coax cable, coax to male RCA converters, and 2 coax to female RCA converter. I then ran the video cable to the TV in the house. So from inside, I could watch the birds and shoot photos. The motorized tripod allowed me to move the camera. Here are pics of the setup:

The movement of the camera did not seem to phase the birds what so ever. Below are 3 samples. Remember, I was testing the concept and not concentrationg on quality.

I feel the test was a success. I shot the pics in P-mode. I will probably use A-mode in the future. The bad thing is I can't change any of the camera settings from in the house. I would have to go outside and disturb the birds to make changes. The speed was fairly good. I wish I had more vertical tilting. The tripod head is limted to +/-15 degrees. The +/-90 degrees horizontal movement is sufficient.

I also plan to go to a nature reserve and test this setup. For a TV viewer, I would use my electronic glasses called Jordy which has a video-in jack.

Please feel free to ask any related questions.

Enjoy life!
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