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1. Where in the heck will i find a driver for this device online if ever i lost the cd? Can anyone tell where to find one or email me the driver?

Today , if you or a friend, or co-worker will do you the favour of making a back up, 2 for safety, you will be fine. You may email, The company and read the registration card that will help you out.

2. I have copied pics and videos (.jpg and .avi format) from the pc onto the cam so i cound view them in the cam (and view them in any tv set) but none of them were recognized by the device. Is there a software i could use to convert them to files that dv 7000/720 can read?

Jpegs should have no problem when you are saving them from a camera to the pc , bad back to the camera , as long as you keep it under the same folder of the configurated files of the camera.

Video, on the other hand may be a inside secret to some , and are not sharable to others, and types of cameras. I understand a few members have had luck in transfering a file from their pc to their camera.

You have to convert, and add codec to the file and its software.

I find it very simple , but time consuming. just to have a quite room and my tv and hitting record, to watch a movie.

3. Any problems/bugs about using the cam (like using a 1gb sd card) i should know about?

If your camera supports andallows a 1 gig card you are fine, but if it allows a 512 and you are trying out a sd 2 gig, then it will only see 512. if the camera can read it. like my olympus it can only read 64kb and the digits go as high as *** anditwill support a 128 and the digits will not go higher then *** but when it reachs 999 it will then count down correctly, apon uploading to the pc the time will be truley longer then usual.

I am not an expert, but as I have some expierience with the one's I own, I am learning everyday, and I can only share what I know.

Welcome aboard and thank you for your imput, I am sure Sgspirit will have a better out take on the video transfer part. thanks again and havefun......Fishy
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