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Daikomyo wrote:
Nice photos Ruchai.

I didnt know the Nikon had anti shake as it wasnt mentioned on the reviewsI looked at- thats good to know.

I posted a gallery I found on the web on the Panasonic forum by a guy who took some impressive (to me) shots and am now wondering whether Ive actually outgrown my fz10 as his shots are on the whole better than mine. Dont know what model he has though but noise wise and picture quality the bugs, birds and animals are great.

take care

Nikon VR are in the lens not the camera. For the 80-400VR it works much better than the FZ20 anti vibration. My FZ20 will make impressive pictures if the light is strong enough and when I did not need a longer lens than the 430mm Leica.

This picture was taken with my FZ20 when the sun was shining. Unfortunately birds seldom come out from the bush at mid day. They usually come out in the open early in the morning and late in the evening. Early morning and lateevening lights are also help make good looking pictures. With my D50 and 80-400VR I now have much more percentage of 'keep' photos.

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