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It depends on what you want as an end product...if it's just for home use I'd go with a standard inkjet. If you're a professional, then the dye-sub (especially since it also laminates).

Ignore the initial cost of the printers themselves, and look at the cost of consumables like ink, paper (do you need special paper for the dye-sub), do you need to replace mechnical parts in the dye-sub like a drum (I don't know myself).

I do know that one of the biggest photo chains in Toronto has a few Oly printers for sale including the P400 (for $340US)...did people not like them? Too expensive to run? Too much printer for their needs?

Some things to think about.

Here's some costs of consumables for the P400:
Olympus PA4NU A4 Paper for P400 (25) $22.45
Olympus PA4NU A4 Paper for P400 (100) $78.70
Olympus P-RBN Ribbon for P400 (50) $39.95

That's a lot more expensive (at least for the paper since inkjets can take photocopy paper for every day printing).
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