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bedde wrote:

1. Does anyone know how the new Kodak P20 Flash is compared to the Sunpack 383 which is mentioned alot in this forum??

The P20 flash is a dedicated flash for the new P series cameras, and can be controlled by the camera. The Sunpak 383 is a generic flash , therefore can just be triggered by the camera, but it's output power can not be controlled by the camera. Anyway, your camera has a PC connection, so it can only trigger a flash (to start it) but no way to control it's output, so you have no benefit to get a dedicated flash.

bedde wrote:

2. I read in this same forum a topic in which is said that using the wrong flash could fry the camera.
The danger is related to the trigger voltage (see link) that a camera can accept
bedde wrote:

As I assume, when shooting pics the camera sends a signal to the flash and not the other way around, right??
Right, the camera (the PC sync contact) simply "short the wires" to trigger the flash to start. One way start signal.

bedde wrote:

3. This being said, what are the features/specs one should look at when buying a flash.

- GN number: the GN number should be compared at same ASA and same coverage angle (or same focus distance, zoom range)
- Zoom head , tilt and bounce possibility
- Manual partial power settings (full, ¼, 1/16 …)
- Auto settings (with several aperture settings)
- battery (cheap AA or else)
- is it a no name XYZ flash? Be aware
- trigger voltage (some old flash has high trigger voltage, check with the link above or measure it yourself)

bedde wrote:
4. What is common for a flash to recharge between shots??
from near zero to arround 10 sec dependant how much power the flash spent.
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