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i have an FZ20 which i enjoy immensely. it's my 3rd digicam - the first two were also panasonics, a DMC-LC33 and then an LC43. i've also used an FZ1V2, which is a very good camera, but its limited feature set doesn't quite do all i want to do. i've considered upgrading from my '20, but frankly, there's still nothing out there short of a DSLR that will do more, or appreciably better, than i can do with my FZ20. until there is, i see no sense in spending $700 for a rig that won't give me any better prints (at the sizes i do, up to 11x14) than i can get now. i did a lot of research and shopped around a LOT before i settled on the FZ20, and i have not been disappointed. :G
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