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Just bought a new SD10 at half list price and am very impressed. Have a few questions which I have sent to the Sigma UK Technical Support team (copy below).

Perhaps some experienced users would like to comment.



I recently bought a new Sigma SD10 and am having a few problems, perhaps you could offer some advice.
  1. When the camera is connected to the computer via the USB cable (using a port which is working fine with my Fuji Finepix 6900), the Photo Pro software at first recognises the camera and the compact flash card and attempts to download the images which results in image icons with crosses appearing in the software display. The software then says "camera not connected" and no images appear.
    Tried installing the software twice with same results. Camera driver installation was completed without having to specify the location for the drivers.
    Photo Pro works fine if I put the compact flash card in a USB2 card reader. Operating System is Windows 98 SE with latest updates installed.
  2. Power consumption. I fitted NiMH 2800mAH AA batteries and was surprised when after only a few shots the battery warning started to flash. Removing and reinserting the battery pack brought the indicator back to full. I swapped these for a new set of Kodak AA alkaline batteries with the same result. Since then I have put the NiMH batteries through a full discharge/recharge cycle and they seem to be lasting much better. What type of batteries would you recommend? How long should my 2800mAH batteries last? [/*]
  3. When viewing images on the camera LCD there are 2 or 3 bright spots which are in the same place on the image. The spots move with the image if you zoom in so they cannot be hot pixels on the LCD. Zooming in to 400% reveals that the spots have a structure and look a bit like a split image focussing screen, different sections being different colours. When viewed in Photo Pro, the initial image contains the spots but when the image has finished downloading they disappear.
    I conclude from this that the corrupted image is a low resolution jpg image stored with the RAW data to enable in camera image review and that the RAW data has remained unaffected. ISO settings of 1600 and 800 are affected, ISO 400 and below seem OK so far. Could this be related to running with marginal batteries (see 2 above). Image attached for your examination.
  4. When using the camera in Program mode, the flash symbol in the viewfinder will sometimes light, even though the shutter speed is above what I would expect to be the point at which flash is required (e.g 1/125[suP]th[/suP] sec ) this seems to happen if the centre of the frame is darker than the rest of the image area, is the camera simply warning that flash would help balance the exposure rather than warning of potential camera shake? This does not seem to happen in aperture priority or shutter priority modes.
Very impressed with the camera so far and the Photo Pro software makes RAW image adjustment really easy.
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