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I also own the DSCW5B and i think its an awesome camera. I brought home the canon ixus 50 and i definately saw a huge improvement gong for the W5 over that. In regards to the vibration alert, who cares, this is only a warning. I find it mainly does this when you are taking images that have really tight vertical lines. must be something to do with the way the cam interprets vibrations. I have taken really good shots with it even in low light (Flash ofcourse) and if ur taking inside shots in low light with no flash i dont no how u are going to hold this cam completely stil with shutter speeds slower than 1/5. Tripod i think.

I have had issues wth the blur but prob like u i thought i could just hold it in my hands and walla. This camera in low light isa dream against ixus50.

Also like the guys said look at what steve says about this cam. He ranks as one of the best 5mp. Im sure he knows what hes on about. I dont think such a great camera deserves such a knock. I work in a retail store where we sell this stuff and almost every custy that complains of blurry images on any branded cam is bcse they think they can run with it and take photos or they are half pressing the shutter button and havent given it time to focus.

Anyways i am very happy with my purchase and i have nothing really to complain about. I think the packaging is realy good and minimal. I also think (like you) the batt life is amazing and so is the sheer speed of the cam. This speed often makes most look like slow pieces of junk. I think the lense is also fantastic and the manual controls (Thought limited) is also very good.

You will have to update us on what you get to see what meets ur expectation at this price point.


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