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Kcan+ Big Dawg, thanks, you were right...the Tcon throws off the landscape mode focusing....Won't bore you with the pics but I tried with Tcon, "acc lens focus" both on and off in landscape mode and normal mode. "acc lens focus" didn't matter one way or the other.However, landsape mode doesn't seem to focus with the Tcon regardless of other settings. And landscape mode does work fine without the Tcon...My conclusion: Don't use landscape mode with the Tcon...anyone else experimented with this?

Pablo, thanks. The shutter release cable bracket can't be bought, Mine is a genuine BigDawg model that is priceless. I also have a couple that I made that are variations on Bob Mevis'. If you are handy, you can make one. I'll give you links to some old posts of BigDawgs and Bobs


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