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Ira, those photos bring back fond memories...I do not know the exact model year of your photo, but back in the 60s my father, an auto machinist, obtained a 1952 MG-TD, with the long hood, chrome luggage rack...he pulled out the 4 cyl stock engine and replaced it with, what was for that car a HP engine in those years, a 200 HP straight six Ford engine...the car would fly with all that power under the hood...he had ALL the chrome re-chromed (also the wire wheels), painted the car in red metal flake paint with 13 coats of lacquer...most beautiful vehicle I have ever seen to this walnut dash...never needed heat in the NY winter because the bell housing off the engine (I do not know if you are car buff, so forgive my ramblings) was only 3-4 inches from where your feet sat in the front, because the 6 cyl engine was so much longer then the measly MG 4 cyl stock engine...he sold it just before I started dating (damn, damn, damn,...the finest chick magnet in its day) because the main body was made, not of metal, but of teakwood and it was rotting...whenever I see a photo like yours, with the MG chrome ring on the front of the hood, I can sit back and remember being the passenger on the Thruway while Dad drove, top down, wind in my hair...thanks...

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