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So the S9000/S9500 looks good even after 11 pages of this forum thread :blah:

I do have a questions guys, maybe one of the happy S9000 owners can say something about it. I have a Oly C770 UZ and I consider it to be a good DigiCam because it gave me loads of great pictures - and I am still learning how to get the best out of it. However there are some things I don't like and so I am always interested in news about new cams.

So far, the S9000 has everything my Oly has (in the means of resolution, movie capability, zoom and stuff) or is better. Only drawback is the AVI movie mode because I can record like 15 mins or so on a 256MB card, 640x480at 30fps and I think AVI has much lower compression, BUT I also feel it has better quality than MPEG4.

Now for the real questions.

How fast does the S9000 starts? I mean - you see something you want to get a picture from, grab the cam, press POWER ON and how long do you have to wait till you can do the CLICK?

AF in medium and low light. My Oly is bad at it. Any experience with it? How bad / good is it when using the full zoom? (at full zoom - that something like 360mm for me - a cloudy day can make taking photos a challenge just because the AF at the Oly) Can you lock AF on a moving object in med/low light at full zoom? Imagine your kids play in the shodowy regions of the garden just before you call for dinner on the weekend. Maybe a late BBQ - sunset time or so. Can you grab AF at full zoom with the moving kids? I don't mean running... just moving her bodies, shaking hands, head and stuff.

Fast Moving Objects. Do you have a "followAF" function? On my Minolta SLR (analog) when I press the shutter half in sports mode the AF follows continuously the moving object. Fast enough to get it only somewhat blurred or even sharp. How does the S9000 perform? My Oly is bad at it. I usually try for a wide DOF range and MF in these situations with the OLY or do a half-pressed-shutter pre-focus shot.

Continous shooting. I once had a F700 from Fuji and it has that final-3 and some other cont. modes. What is it like at the S9000? What I need is a burst(my Oly does 5) with high speed (sports, movement, get-the-moment) which can be without following AF, and a continuous AF-CLICK-AF-CLICK-AF-CLICK thingie and now it comes: WITH adjusting the exposure! My Oly adjusts AF, but not the exposure which makes me everytime.

How fast from one pic to the next? It has lots of pixels, the S9000, and I think that means saving and postprocessing in the cam needs time. When is the cam ready for a next shot in highest resolution? Can you activate a 5mp mode or so and does that speed up things?

Background: I like to "capture moments". I see something happen and just want to get it. A certain pattern of light by the sun and clouds, a special scene with people doing something, animals & nature shots and stuff. Just think of a birthday or a wedding. You know - there are these "cheese" photos. Everybody lines up for a shot and that's it. Ok - you need these. But what I am after are these little things that happen - a glass of wine that fell down and all the dance has to stop for the cleaning. The moment where the bride catched the ball the children found and played with and tried to shoot back. You know - all these little things you remember the next year : "oh yes - right - there was this glass of wine - and look here! ... this and that..." So I need a reliable and ready ("awake") cam. Sorry if this sounds confusing, can't put it into words better.

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