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I often shoot panoramas, thus the WhiteBalance (WB) and the Exposure must be equally adjusted (all manual settings).

When I shoot pictures with all manual settings set, my SD-10 shoots as anticipated - I thougth.

For some reason the images show slight differences not in the WB but in Exposure. The SIGMA Photo Pro v2.1 provides detailed image information and there the Exposure Compensation shows a different value for each image shot, even when all settings were set to manual. It appears as if the SD-10 has an automatic adjustment program active even when all settings are set to manual. But this would not make much sense, right.
Does anybody have an idea how this can be avoided?

I have already read the manual back and forth and did not find a clue why this Exposure Compensation varies for each shot.
Thanks for any tips and leads to a solution.
With kind regards, Hans.
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