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Hey, I'm sure there are other members here that have used the Oly wcon-08b [edit, sorry] with the fz-20. I just got mine and I'm connecting it to the fz20 with the pemaraal 62mm adaptor. I have noticed that in certain pictures, the center is in focus but there is an outter ring of items out of focus. I'm having a hard time figuring out the zoom range that is optimum for using this lens. Any input is welcome.

Also, I guess I was expecting more but I didn't notice a dramatic change as a result of this lens. What situations would be most appropriate to exploit the capabilities of this lens? I really got it for snapshots at parties to get more into each picture which is why I need to figure out safe zoom ranges but what other cool things has everyone done using this lens?

I also have the Nikon 6t and was blown away by the capabilities of that lens, I guess the impact of the Oly isn't as dramatic. I'm also planning on picking up the Oly tcon-14b soon.
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