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I recently replaced my Canon S800 with the Epson R800 for archival capabilities. I have a brand new computer with a Samsung LCD 193P monitor connected via a DVI connection. I use a D100 and a Nikon 17-55, 2.8f lens. Because the monitor is connected digitally the software supplied by Samsung to calibrate it does not work. However, when I pull up my photos in Photoshop Elements...they look great on the monitor.

When I print on the R800 they look 'dark' or underexposed. I can take the same photo, unedited to Wolf Camera, and the print out beautifully. I've been on the phone with Epson and Adobe. I've printed from Photoshop with full color management engaged, supposedly eliminating the color management from the print driver.

I guess I'm not skilled enough (or have enough time) to create custom profiles, calibrate my monitor and so on..Is there an easier way to get good quality prints out of the R800? Heck I though I bought decent gear and at this point would gladly pay someone to make all this work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated..
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