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I have been following the ongoing debate on black and white photos. Is film better than digital? Is it better to take digital black and white in camera rather than in colour and then do p&p in photoshop etc.
In mho film does have it's very special place in this field as has been demonstrated here and elsewhere. At least with panas it is hard to get the exact same look. However. These are digital cameras and we are making digital art, if you like, and it is it's own distinct form.
You can compare oranges and apples and tastes may vary but most people enjoy both.

Sometimes black and white can save a picture as it brings out some diiferent points in the photo and can make something which might look not so exciting in colour look very exciting in black and white. I find often with scenic shots which do nto look too fantastic changing them to b/w brings out some drama in the sky etc.

Saying all that I have gone back to some old shots - some of which you might have seen here in colour already- and played with them in b/w. Some work much better in b/w while others might lose something.
You be the judge. I am too close to be able to actually tell...

pic 1
Hamburg last week:

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