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bentleysmom wrote:
I especially like the fig tree.....My mother has a fig tree in her yard(used to be my grandmother's yard) and I have tried on several occasions to get a good shot of the tree. You have done a nice job with the tree giving it good depth.(I think my mother's tee is fuller)
This fig tree was planted from a cutting about 5 years ago and is only just coming into its own. I've tried on a number of occasions to "get it right" with little success. This is as close as I've come. I think it's the big ash tree about 75 feet behind and above it that brings it into relief. (Background is so important and frequently over looked.) It really isn't much of a subject on its own (as I found over andover again)but the leaves are so interesting that onefigures there has to be something there. Of course the afternoon late summer light hasalot to dowith it. This shot was taken "blind" (ie, not using the evf/lcd), getting the camera as low as I could - almost in the grass - to get the angle right. Took a few shots as usual. It's at 2x zoom and the longdof characteristic of digital works nicely.

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