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For almost a year now I have been the proud owner of my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ20. It is by far the best camera I ever owned including my previous Canon Powershot G5 and previous SLR film cameras. Naturally I got spoiled by the 12x zoom and don't want to move back to anything less or the burden of carrying an array of lenses. Panasonic addressed many of the shortcomings the FZ20 presented in their new FZ30: Faster startup, flip down (if not quite swivel) screen, larger CCD, enhanced LCD and EVF resolution and low light response, larger resolution,further increased optical zoom for 5 and 3 MP images, and the ability to attach add on lenses and filters without having to use an adapter tube. I love all those improvements. However, the reviews on dpreviews and dcresource are both very condemning of even increased noise problems in the FZ30 vs. the FZ20, and this has been a problem with low light, non-flash indoor shots, such as inside sports in a gym. (Although there are only a very small percentage of pictures that fall into this category since most shots are taken outdoors at 80 ISO or inside witha flash, my older son is an accomplished basketball player, and there have been situations where I wished I could have taken hgh quality images at 1600 ISO.) This appears to be the only drawback on this camera. Steve has not posted his review as of yet and there are very few comments from actual FZ30 owners so far in this forum. I would like to get some reviews from owners and see some sample images under different conditions as well as some comparisons to the FZ20 in image quality. Per the above mentioned reviews the difference in image quality would not be worth the upgrade, while the upgrade in handling and features would be. Please advise. Thanks.
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