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I second the motion. We need more talk in this forum about the FZ30. I do think you can find a lot of samples on various sites. Which is what I had done. And without side by side comparisons it is hard to see about the noise. But from eyeballing it, it seems to me that the FZ30 is a little less noisy in bright situations, and there is a bit more noise in lower light situations. And honestly, even with my 20, if I don't have bright light, I just use my flash (or my Canon 20D - which I know a lot of people don't have the luxury of buying in conjunction with the panasonic). I am going to get the FZ30 primarily b/c of the 8mp image and the zoom range. This way I don't have to spend the $$$ for another Canon lens. And I shoot primarily outdoors, or in the studio so I will have the camera set to an ISO of 80 almost always. I want to get ther camera but there are no places around me that have it yet. But I really think we gotta get this party started on the FZ30 talk in this forum, people! Please!
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