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Thanks for all your feedback. If anybody has direct comparison shots, please post them. I am in no hurry to upgrade, but I figure if I can sell my FZ20 and my little compact standby Minolta G500 (which I really do not like and therefore do not use anyway), I can get the FZ30 without having to spend much extra. So, why not get it for the extra features, improved handling and higher resolution. Then when the new generation with the lower noise level gets released, I can upgrade again. Fortuntately, these cameras seem to retain their resell value quite well if you look at ebay.

I had this fantasy about utilizing the 3CCD technology in still cameras as they do in high end camcorders. Would that not solve the dilemma of being restricted to a small sensor when using a high optical zoom? Does anybody know if the 3CCD technology is based on the same principle as the Fovean chip?
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