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Norm in Fujino
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Interesting action shots, but they're really too big for posting on a site like this; you can't see them all without scrolling.

On a technical note, you didn't mention what camera/lens you used, but several of them appear out of focus or with overall camera shake (more the former than the latter, I think); and the first two are good examples of what happens when you try to enlarge shots beyond the capabilities of the lens/camera--there is really terrible chromatic aberration everywhere in #1 (slightly less but still significant in #2), plus what looks like possible sensor dust on the left side (whatever it is, it should be cloned out). There are really high-contrast shots and I would try giving them a bit less exposure, or toning them down with photoshop or psp, etc. Action shots like this are difficult to do, so stick with it.

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